Dreamhouse Barbie


Sex Female
Occupation Founder/manager of The Barbie Boutique (current), Astronaut, Doctor, Presidential Candidate, Racecar Driver (as well as 131 more [and counting!])

Barbie is the titular character of Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse. She lives in the Dreamhouse with her sisters Skipper, Stacie and Chelsea, as well as her pets Blissa the cat, Taffy the dog and Tawny the horse.



Barbie is skilled in all of her 135 careers (and counting!), though she seems to have a lack of skill in baking, though one of her careers was a chef.

Relationships to other dollsEdit

hates Barbie, but Barbie is oblivious to this. Barbie is the girlfriend of Ken, and the sister of Skipper,Stacie, and Chelsea. Ryan has a huge crush on her, and Taffy, Tawny, and Blissa are her pets. Schlond Poofa lives on the bottom of one of her cars, and Closet is, well, her closet. Teresa and Nikki are her best friends. She once went to Randy Bravo's TV station for the Reunion Show, and Bear has been in her camper. She, Tennis-Playing Robot, and Wilfred the Fish don't really know each other that well. She is very popular with the general population.

Other descriptionsEdit

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